As a beer snob it is far too easy to accidentally bore people to death with details. My goal here is to share what I know and love about beer without putting you to sleep. I link to external sites with more information for those who want to learn more. You’ll find posts about beers from around the world, beers from around here (British Columbia, Canada), beer styles, and tips on how to cook with beer and pair food with beer.

My name is Eric Staal and I’m a Certified Cicerone®, located in the village of Cumberland, on Vancouver Island, off the coast of British Columbia. I’m an on again/off again homebrewer, and I currently order the beers for a liquor store in nearby Courtenay, BC. Whenever possible, I’m visiting breweries or attending beer festivals. I provide beer pairing consultations and staff training for restaurants, and host private tasting events.

In a nutshell, I just like beer!