You MUST try this beer…

Today’s brew is a fun one. Steamworks Brewing and Blasted Church Vineyards teamed up to create this shrine to fermentation. It’s a bottle conditioned saison that welcomes Gewürztraminer grape must (juice) into the fold before retreating to the fermentation tank.

Many beers of this style tend to lean into the grape, ending up with strong aromas of the grape varietal used, and tend to have their residual sugars balanced with acidity rather than bitterness. This beer goes down a different route. The floral notes of the Gewürztraminer dovetail in behind the fruity and spicy aromas from the saison yeast. The beer has a slight acidity, but is by no means sour, is moderately dry, and there’s a light touch of bitterness waiting in the background.

It pours with a bright white head containing coarse bubbles, that floats atop a golden/yellow beer that is briskly carbonated.

For food pairings, I would consider roasted vegetables or chicken.

While this isn’t the best example of a grape/grain hybrid, its a fantastic starting place if you’ve never tried something like this before, and I’ll certainly be grabbing a few more bottles to see how it progresses over time!


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