Burdock Brewing’s – Tuesday Saison

Having enjoyed all of the Burdock beers I’ve had in the past, I didn’t hesitate when a few new lines from them showed up in my store. Having happily finished up yesterday’s posts, I decided to crack one open to celebrate. Since yesterday was a Tuesday, my choice was simple.

Tuesday is an evolving series of beers in which the brew team at Burdock explores different saison yeast strains. I haven’t had any of the others, so I couldn’t say how this differentiates itself. This one was made with New World Saison Blend from Escarpment labs. They don’t say which strains are involved, but apparently it’s a blend of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces strains. After fermentation, they rested this little beauty in bottles for 6 months before release.

Right away I picked up some clear Brett’ funkyness, tropical fruits, and even a touch of floral seeming hops, although it was hard to tell as it was masked behind the funk! On the palate, a simple smooth texture, with flavours of peach and pear, with a gentle zip of carbonation and a lingering acidity.  I was cooking at the time, so I didn’t end up pairing this one with food, but I’d love to try it alongside a lemon chicken dish.


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