Powell Brewery’s Lekker

Here’s a little tip for any BC brewery: if you name your beer something Dutch or Flemish, as a half Dutchie myself, I’m gonna buy it. In this case, I really didn’t have a choice. Lekker is the Dutch word for ‘tasty’. You might hear Dutch people exclaim it when their waiter brings out a delicious looking plate, or hear them whisper it to a friend when someone with attractive walks by. It’s something we use around the house all the time, and when I saw that Powell Brewery released this beer, I knew I had to pick up a bottle.

On my last trip over to Vancouver, I stopped in to my favourite liquor store (and former employer) Brewery Creek to pick up some odds and ends. I saw the Lekker on the shelf I was relieved that they still had a few bottles left. When I got home, I put it in storage and forgot about it for a few weeks. When the occasion for a fun meal presented itself, I knew exactly what I was going to pair with it.

A friend of ours was visiting from Australia, and we wanted to make a treat meal for her, so we pulled some ham steaks from the freezer, cubed them, glazed them, and served them with pierogies. We loosely followed this recipe, but changed it up to suit our tastes. Instead of whole ham steaks, we cubed the meat. We doubled the recipe, except the sugar, where instead of 1/2 a cup of maple syrup, we used 1/4 cup of maple syrup and 1/4 cup of honey, and in place of the apple cider vinegar I used 2 tablespoons of the Lekker! We threw the pork in a hot pan, lightly seared it, then added the liquid and reduced it all until the pork cubes were covered in a sticky glaze. A handful of ham, a generous portion of pierogies, and some sour cream and some spring onions to serve.

Okay, enough with the food. Let’s talk about the beer. The Lekker poured a slightly hazy golden colour (I let some yeast pour), with a short lived white head. There was a lovely funky apricot and pineapple aroma, with a vinous note in the background. Light bodied and smooth, with crisp carbonation and acidity. It was an excellent palate cleanser that cut through the thick glaze on the meat, and the bright tropical/stone fruit flavours complemented the pork perfectly.

Powell Brewery has really been impressing me lately with their mixed fermentation and barrel aged beers, and this was no exception. From their release notes, Lekker is a Flemish-style golden sour matured for 26 months in French oak with Pediococcus, Brettanomyces Lambicus, Brettanomyces Claussenii. I don’t know that I picked up much of the oak character, but it definitely grabbed something from whatever wine had been in there beforehand. Regardless, this beer definitely lived up to its name.

If you happened to snag a bottle, lucky you! If not, no worries, as you should generally be able to find another delicious limited release beer from Powell on the shelf at most quality beer and wine stores in BC.

Photo credit: Powell Brewery


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